We have developed apps for over 600 New Zealand Schools, Clubs. Churches and other types of organisations. Our Apps work for any group that needs to communicate with a large audience quickly and without breaking the bank. Dance School, Drama Schools, Gymnastics Clubs etc are no exception. 


With a ClubApp you can have the following functionally.

  • Alert Notifications: Send alerts to the whole club or individual groups or classes
  • Timetables: Set up your class timetables and alert people when it changes
  • Absentees: Members can notify you quickly of an expected absence 
  • Calendar: Upcoming list of events, competitions etc
  • News: Upload your club newsletter or other notices 
  • Forms: Easily create registrations forms, permissions slips etc that members can fill out on the app
  • Contacts: A list of contacts at the club

There are loads of other uses for the App. Watch the 6 minute video below to see how New Zealand School of dance are using an App to improve their communication.



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